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Fakes/Counterfeits: A pictorial guide
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This 'Flash' image library is maintained by 'Online' & CCCC member 'Barbara'.

Members who have an image of a fake/counterfeit which they think 'Barbara' might like to include in the library, or believe would be of benefit to other collectors, may send her images through the 'Send Private Message' link in Barbara's 'Online' members profile.

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No New ContentDiscussion TopicTopic Shortcut Gerrards Auction Rooms. Lot 400. 04/05/17 + 1 Day
FAKE Honolulu style conical sifter. Gerrards Auction Rooms. Lot 400.
St Georges Road,
Lytham St Annes,
Lancashire, UK.
4th May @ 10.00 am BST + 1 day.
Judith Shaw0
No New ContentClosedDiscussion TopicTopic Shortcut Counterfeit item number: 142364380193
FAKE Shape 850 Parrot Jug.
Seller, 'legolas10bear'.
Judith Shaw3
by Judith Shaw
No New ContentDiscussion TopicTopic Shortcut Hampstead Auctions. Lot 410. 09/05/17
FAKE Crocus style conical sifter.
Hampstead Auctions. Lot 410.
Hampstead Antique & Craft Emporium,
12 Heath Street, Hampstead,
London, UK.
09 May @ 10:30 pm BST.
Judith Shaw2
by markgwb
No New ContentDiscussion TopicTopic Shortcut Clarice Cliff Shape?cactusmike17
by ShaunK
No New ContentDiscussion TopicTopic Shortcut Fake nursery ware
Fake nursery ware
Judith Shaw2
by Anne_1
No New ContentClosedDiscussion TopicTopic Shortcut John Hulme aka 'grahamporw'   Page 1 2 
Hundreds of Clarice Cliff collectors may already be affected by the fraudulent activities of this man.

John Hulme aka eBay seller 'grahamporw' and other ID's have been flooding the market with hundreds of counterfeit pieces of ceramic over the last couple of years.

Please Read
This may already affect you.
by Judith Shaw
No New ContentClosedDiscussion TopicTopic Shortcut Posting in 'The eBay Forum'
Posting tips and a member's/seller's guide to Claricecliff 'Online' and CCCC policy for 'The eBay Forum'.
No New ContentClosedDiscussion TopicTopic Shortcut How is 'fake' defined?DavidL16
by Ben_2
No New ContentDiscussion TopicTopic Shortcut Brief eBay Guides for Sellers & Buyers   Page 1 2 ... 9 10 
Clarice Cliff - Genuine or Counterfeit.
Listing your auction 'in the style of' Clarice Cliff.
New to Collecting Clarice Cliff.
Authorised/licensed Clarice Cliff Reproductions.
Herbert Read195
by Alan H

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